Friday, June 13, 2008

Silence, Sweet Silence...

I just received a text from Jason that he and Henry are on the airplane and set to take off on time.  After staying up until 3am, I was up at 830 (and feeling very sleep deprived, I might add) so that I could drive Jason and Henry to the airport.

After the drop-off, I stopped-off at Walgreen's to pick up my Zoloft prescription.  I've been working at weaning myself off Zoloft AGAIN.  The last time I did this I was taking 100 mg daily and had to go off it so that ARAMCO would approve me to go to Saudi Arabia (a long story).  After returning from Saudi and Stephi getting pregnant half way through her Senior year in high school, well, the stress was too much and I started taking it again, but after a few months settled down to 50mg daily.  But that was over 2 years ago and it is hard to lose weight while on SSRI's.  So I am weaning myself off again.  I'm down to 25mg daily and about to go down to 12.5mg.  So far I haven't had the horrible withdrawal symptoms that I had last time.  No nausea, headaches, dizziness, 'zapping'.  Of course I had been on 100mg daily for 7 years.  This time on 50mg for 2 years. Here's hoping.

I also picked up some Alli at Walgreen's.  That should help with the weight loss as well.  I'll keep you posted.

So, back to the silence.  It's so nice, I almost hate to go to sleep.  But since I have to work tonight, it's not a good idea to stay awake.  Off to bed for me.


Crazed Mom said...

That's great you're not having any sode effects for weaning. When they took serzone off the market I was only taking 12.5 mg a day and I had 2 weeks of lightening, anxiety attacks, hot fhashes, migraines. It really sucked.

aka JaniceNW

Kendrawolf said...

I'm so glad too. I've been working with a nurse who works with a naturalpathic (sp?) on her days off from the hospital. When I started having really heavy periods (getting old sucks!) she told me to try Red Raspberry Leaf Extract. It worked. Then I finally gave in an started using Glucosamine and Chondroiten for my knee. It worked too. Wow, I started wondering what else I've been missing out on. Next was Valerian for sleep. WORKED! Ok, I decided. I would wean off the Zoloft and try and herbal remedy for that as well. I let you know how that goes.