Saturday, June 14, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

You know, when I was growing up it was a treat to get breakfast at dinner time.  I never got up early enough as a kid to actually eat breakfast in the mornings (except for the rare summer spent at grandma's house... who would dream of missing HER biscuits and gravy?)  This morning when I got off work a few of my co-workers and I went to the Waffle House a few miles from the hospital.  So it was actually breakfast time... but it was dinner for us because we were all going home afterwards to sleep.  It was fun.  And I never get to do it because I usually have to come straight home to make sure Henry isn't alone since Jason takes so much weekend call at the hospital.  I did forget one thing, however.  The dog had been in his kennel for over 12 hours while I was working, and the extra 2 hours I spent eating and chatting with friends was evidently just too long for him to hold it... soooo.... I spent another half an hour cleaning the dog and his kennel.  Now he is safely in the backyard with his food and water dish.  I'll let him join me for a nap later before it gets too hot outside.  Tonight I'll have to call the neighbor to let him out around 10pm to do his business.  Usually Jason is home to take care of this.  I guess this is the price I pay for that moment of silence I enjoyed yesterday.


Crazed Mom said...

We used to have pancakes for dinner as a treat when my dad was travelling. Actually I made the pancakes cuz I rock at making them. My boys loved them when they were younger. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What kind of nursing so you do? I start nutrition on 6/23 and it's way more complicated that it used to be! Glad I have my A&P background to help out.

It's taking nutrition this summer or 23 credits in the fall. Um, no wat. 17 credits and clinicals will be plenty! I'm hoping to find to simpatico folks in my cohort. I don't really have any friends because the kids have grown up and they're back to work or met a man in or spend time with their spouses! What kind of wmen do that? ;P

Kendrawolf said...

Yeah, I avoid spending time with Jason as much as possible. Isn't that horrible?
I currently work Med/Surg. I graduated from Nursing School in '95. When I started school I had dreams of being a Labor and Delivery nurse. But that ended with my L&D rotation. It just didn't grab me like I thought it would. After that I only had one semester left in nursing school and I was so confused. WHY did I want to become a nurse? I've done Pediatrics, Burn Unit, ICU, Home Health, SNF, Rehab, Urgent Care, Clinics, Telephonic Case Management, Telephone Triage. I've been doing Med/Surg for 2 years now and I like it best. I think what really makes the job is the people I work with though. They are great and I love them. And I consider my hospital my own personal mission field. These people need Christ and I pray every night on the way into work that God will use me to show them His love.

Crazed Mom said...

Holy cow! You've hit most specialties. I'm considering mental health. I will make no decisions until I get to practical in the school district, a few local hospitals and whatever they round up. We need more clinical intructors and all they need is a BSN.

I can't believe my nutrition book talks about glycoproteins and all the different amino acids. It'll physiology with food and vitamins thrown in. LOL. I'm gonna have to study. =:-0.