Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shopping Aimlessly

After I woke from my Sunday nap (I worked last night) I decided to go shopping.  I had money.  I had plenty of time.  Henry and Jason are still in Texas, so I didn't have anyone to tag along with me complaining the whole time or anyone to nag at me and tell me to not spend too much money.  So I wandered from Ross and Michael's to Border's and Barnes & Noble.  I eventually found a book, but I also discovered something.  For some reason it's more fun shopping when I have to sneak off to do it.  Who knew?  I pick up Jason at the airport tomorrow afternoon so my enjoyment of the shopping experience will soon improve.  Henry will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa until the 1st week in July, after that I'll really go shopping!!!

1 comment:

Crazed Mom said...

I get it. You prefer the excitment of being a stealth shopper. You adrenaline junkie, you! (After 2.5 years of A&P and I don't know if I spelled that correctly). I can hang in B&N's for days by myself.