Thursday, September 25, 2008

The End

I went to the Summit tonight since I had the night off. I knew that Scott was going to resign and I wanted to be there and I wanted to see my Summit friends again. But I wish I would have just stayed home. It was like witnessing an extended resuscitation on a dying person or like watching an autopsy. It was hard to be there and I didn't feel like I belonged there anymore. One of the people from the Summit/New Life task force even asked me why I was there (since I have been going to Copper Hills for a month now). I said I was there to visit my friends, but I felt like saying "I don't know".

The truth is that I really don't belong there anymore. I no longer have a vested interest in the Summit. Copper Hills is truly my home now and I think going there tonight showed me that. So I guess it wasn't really a waste. I just felt so bad watching this small group of believers that I once counted as family. They are just trying so hard to keep this group together and I think that the tighter they hold on, the more it moves out of their grasp. Please pray for them.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I think in many ways it was probably like going to a funeral... just a good way to say goodbye and be able to start to heal. Does that make sense?

I will keep them all in my prayers. You too.

Headless Mom said...

Closure is good, I think. Finding a new home is better. I'm glad you have.

I LOVE your new look!

jennifer said...

This sounds so sad. But I am REALLY REALLY glad that you have found a church home. We are still searching but we visited a great church this passed Sunday and we will go back again in a couple of days.

Have a good weekend!


Oh, and don't shoot your eye out kid.

Brenda said...

Sounds like it was a tough night - sorry you had to go thru it.

Tag, you're it!

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