Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wednesday and Pay it Back

I got an email from The Summit yesterday that read:

"In order to help alleviate any uncertainty regarding the future of the Summit, there will be a meeting this Wednesday night for the entire church body for the purpose of claryifying where we are at with the merge decision and what other options are available to us. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

Steve Lingenfelter, pastor of New Life Church, will be there to share New Life's perspective as our partner church. There will be time for everyone to ask questions and voice concerns. We want to make sure that every option available to us has a chance to be discussed before voting on the merge. This gives everyone the chance to make an informed choice. As announced last Thursday, the vote will take place on Thursday, August 28th.

The meeting will be in the cafe at 7pm this WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20th. If you have any questions, but are unable to attend the meeting, please email them beforehand so that they can be addressed."

We currently share a facility with another church, as you can see from above. I am glad that we will be exploring all the options so everyone can see exactly where we are and what will work and what wont. So that is where I will be Wednesday.

Also, Ronda from Ronda's Rants blogged about a great "pay it back" idea yesterday--so the first 3 people who comment will get something special from me. Great idea, Ronda!!


Lanny said...

Please, don't send me anything. In fact I was going to wait for the first three comments before writing you but that wouldn't work out for me, too random.

I was wondering, because you have peaked my curiosity, is the merger a done deal and it is "options" you are voting on? Is New Life the group you are joining up with or are they "partners" already? Only because I thought before you referred to them as Copper ? something? Any who, not that any of that really matters as I pray for you all, I was just curious about the particulars.

Please don't send me anything and don't count me as one of your comments, you have already done something nice for me by honoring me with a mention of my blog on your blog.

I feel very humbled by that. Along with feeling very nervous that an English teacher will happen upon my writings. I have a reocurring nightmare about viewing my blog and seeing red marks all over posts that I have already posted.

Tammy said...

Change within a church is never easy. Whether it be about a building or its people.

We just lost our pastor of 4 years and prior to his leaving we lost 2 other tremendous members of our staff. Sometimes it's hard to remember that God IS in control of the situation and perhaps better is on the way. We just have to trust Him and endure the now. If that makes sense.

Hope all works out soon.!

Anonymous said...

Hope it all works out!

We got a new pastor 3 years ago. Our previous pastor retired. In all honesty though, I couldn't be happier with the change.....it was the best thing for our church at that time. We have grown so much now we had to buy a bigger building and we have 3 services just to fit everyone in.

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay, counted three...I think Elizabeth from Thoughts of The Evil Overlord ( she is so not evil) started it but I guess it has really taken off...Thanks, Elizabeth!
It has been fun to watch it spread.