Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

When I was a teenager I used to spend a few weeks in the summer at my Aunt Joyce's house, watching my little cousins Jen and Becca. My Aunt had an AWESOME guest room! It was stacked high with yardage, yarn, patterns and trashy romance novels. She always apolozized for it, but I thought it was cool. I spent the summer making the kids freezer pops, breaking up fights and reading Harlequin romances.

Little did I realize at the time how this experience would rub off of me. NO... not the trashy romance novel part. The spare bedroom full of junk.

Before Stephanie moved out I had the office downstairs full of my art stuff. Slowly but surely the kids took it over because the computer was down there too. So after Steph moved out I took over her room. See Above.

Where I thought that my Aunt's room was cool... I find my room cluttered and unsettling. This room became my first thing to tackle on my first "Tackle it Tuesday"!

Here are the after pictures:

Here is what has to go. I'm thinking of taking the books to the used bookstore down the street. The stuff in the hamper will be tossed.

What are you going to tackle?


Brenda said...

Your room looks so neat and organized! Great tackle!

Jessie said...

It looks nice, I love your furniture!

Crazed Mom said...

Great job! I tackled 3 hours at the orthopedist's office and my kid getting a cast and picking up hus meds and a binder. Then I helped him design the cover for his english portfolio(actually I watched him. Kid rocks on computers) he just needed my laptop cuz his computer doesn't have word on it right now. He actually let me hug him as he leaned over me to do his thing on my laptop! WOOHOO! My first hug from him in quite a while. Is that enough done?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know I was supposed to takle anything until I found your site until today (wednesday) but I did clean out my Trailblazer last night and I got the gum up off the floor board!! It even smells nice and orangey now thanks to the "Goo-Gone", so I guess I did a good "tackle" and didn't even know it!! :-)))

Your room looks very nice!

Flower said...

Good job!!! It's not easy actually weeding out things!! I have been working towards the same objective. My quest room is "almost" ok! :) In the past two weeks we have unloaded a truck load of stuff...Goodwill is our friend. Have you ever gone to Flylady.com? She has some good tips..if only I followed them!
Thanks for the visit..come back soon.

Wendy said...

Great job! I really like the curved desk and the short chest of drawers with the flowers on it. Very nice pieces. :)