Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trying to get back in the habit.....

So, I'm really looking forward to summer right about now. I still like Alaska, but I definitely like the summer better than the winter. The first snow was great. Loved having a winter Christmas. But now the holidays are past and I want the sun!

I am planning to go back to Arizona to visit in June. My niece Isabella is graduating from high school and my mom will be coming into town from Arkansas.... so everyone that I want to see will be there at once. Many birds.... one stone.

Anyhow. Just got home from work and getting ready to go to bed. One more night and then 4 days off. Yea!!!


jennifer said...

One day I would like to experience a white Christmas.

Glad to read a post from you!

Anonymous said...

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T S Anand said...

Enjoy your day off.....and yes its great feeling to have your loved ones around

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