Monday, May 25, 2009

Our first 2 weeks in Anchorage

We have finished our first 2 weeks at our new jobs and we are finally done with orientation. I'm sure it will take more time before we start feeling like were really comfortable in the hospital, but at least the boring part is over. The sunrises from the 5th floor hospital window is beautiful!

The weather has been very nice since we got here. Sunny and in the 60's! A very nice change from Phoenix, AZ. Talk to me again in the winter and I'll tell you if I still like it...

We've planted some flowers and veggies. Some of the stuff that we've planted I wouldn't have dreams of trying to grow in Phoenix.

We are enjoying taking hikes in the woods down by the park.

This past weekend we went to a cabin down on the Kenai River. Henry caught a nice trout and I enjoyed staying in the cabin and spinning and reading.


Headless Mom said...

Keep posting! I'm loving hearing about your new adventure!

Lanny said...

Nice photos. Welcome to your new digs, we're practically neighbors now!

Honeybell said...

So beautiful! I cannot imagine going through the culture shock you must be experiencing, what a brave chica you are.