Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I know that it has been nearly a month since I have posted. It has been a hectic time in my house lately. Believe it or not our "house guest" is still here. I hesitate to call him a guest at this point, because that word is usually reserved for someone who is welcome. Believe me... he is not. At least not by me. This man has stretched and broke my Christian kindness, which is a terrible thing to say at this time of the year. Hospitality has never been my spiritual gift and I fear it may never be.

On the upside, Henry has started his online schooling with Connections Academy. It is quite a bit of work on my part (about 4-5 hours 5 days a week) and more work than Henry thought that it would be, I'm sure. But it is working out well and has definitely given me a needed view of what his short-comings are. Henry really has trouble staying focused when something is not interesting to him. So I've been finding ways to engage him during lessons... to bring him back in mentally. So far this seems to be working well.

Paul is currently in Pensacola, FL finishing his training before he heads off to Diego Garcia early next year. He will be home for Christmas on the 21st of this month. Stephi and Randy went to Vegas for her 21st birthday ( I got to watch Ethen overnight one of the days that they were gone!), but they came back still unmarried.

One of the hardest things these past couple of months has been getting to church. This is something that I have been struggling with and feeling so guilty about. As I have been working more hours and nearly every Saturday night, I've just been so exhausted on Sunday mornings and more often than not have chosen sleep over worship. But yesterday was the first early service at Copper Hills. Now they have two Sunday services. One at 9 AM and one at 10:30 AM. So I went to the early one and it was so nice being there and actually still being awake! It was great seeing all the folks that I hadn't seen in weeks! I am looking forward to next Sunday and I feel that God is somehow bringing me through this blue time that I've been having. I'm grateful that He is faithful even when I am not.

So there is the update and I will try to post more often. It should be easier once my 'alone-in-the-middle-of-the-night-when-I-can't-sleep-place' is no longer being occupied by a 51 year old unemployed mooch playing X-Box all night.

Pray for me.... please.


jennifer said...

"Hospitality has never been my spiritual gift and I fear it may never be."

That actually made me giggle which is not the right Christian response I know. But that sounds SO much like my mother. She struggles with hospitality too. AND it seems to hurt her more than the guest because of the way she feels and the guilt over the way she feels. But the way she plows through it and attmepts to overcome the feelings that she has is a blessing.

Hang in there. The 51 year old mooching Christian shouldn't make you feel guilty about your emotions. God will feed even the birds but the birds still have to dig for the worms themselves. God isn't going to put it in their mouths.

Glad that you posted. It is really great to hear from you.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm glad you posted! I was starting to wonder about you!!

I hope that your work schedule changes so you can get to church...

Maybe you should start doing really gross stuff to get the house guest to leave...

Jennifer said...

It's nice to hear from you Kendra!! I'm sorry about your neverending house "guest"!! I hope he darkens someone else's doorway soon instead of yours!

Honeybell said...

Oh dear, while it IS good to hear from you, I'm so sorry about what you're going through. You definitely have my prayers!

Crazed Mom said...

Oh honey I am surprised you haven't fed the man arsenic already. I'm not overly fond of house guests and I candle about 3 days. I'd be going nuts if I were you.
If you ever want to share your nursing school stories I would adore you.